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Ultrasound-Guided Injection Therapy

Ultrasound has proven to be an invaluable tool for both diagnosis and treatment. At Portland Pain Solutions we are experts in the use of this technology to help alleviate your pain.


Ultrasound-guided injections have revolutionized pain diagnosis and treatment. Before ultrasound, the vast array of soft tissue pain generators were challenging to diagnose with accuracy, and hard to treat. Now we can precisely target muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments in a way we never could before. This makes it possible to accurately diagnose even the tiniest pain generators in the soft tissues. Treatment is now far more effective. What used to take multiple visits can now be accomplished in one. It's truly revolutionary.

Lots of patients come to us unable to tell more about their pain other than the location. "It hurts right...there!" This could be a spot near their elbow, over their shoulder blade, buttock, hip, or knee. Sometimes it's just a seemingly random spot on their foot. These "small" pain problems can arise anywhere. Using carefully guided injection therapy, we can accurately diagnose and treat the tiniest of pain generators. It's not uncommon for patients to suffer for years with problems like these, unable to find relief because conventional medicine just doesn't have the tools. Now we do, and with 10 years of experience diagnosing and treating these small pain generators, Dr. Littlejohn can help finally move your care forward.


Regenerative technologies like PRP and stem cell therapy are cutting edge and have the potential to heal in ways never thought possible. We offer reasonable rates for these services. Contact us to learn more.

Frequently asked questions
There are lots of different reasons why the body senses pain. Sometimes it's inflammation, such as an irritated joint, or tendon. Other times it's a knot of connective tissue that just won't let go. With ultrasound we can precisely target even the smallest joints, and track down stubborn knots in the soft tissues.
If you continue to suffer despite having tried all the conventional therapies - rest, ice, heat, massage, exercise, PT, medications - that's when it's time to move on and try ultrasound-guided injection therapy.
It's like a vaccination, only with anesthetic, so the painful tissues are numb afterward. If >75% of the pain is gone with the anesthetic, we know we found the right pain generator. Once the anesthetic wears off, you might be sore for a while, but after that we expect rapid resolution of your original pain problem.
Rest is best for a few days. Once you start feeling better, listen to your body and return to normal activities as tolerated.
It depends on the type of injection, but most lead to substantial improvement within two weeks.
Listen to your body. Escalate physical activity and exercise as tolerated. Expect some discomfort, but adjust your activity level to keep this at a low level. With time and healing, you will tolerate more.
Most injections are covered by insurance. We offer competitive rates for those that are not.
We offer PRP for a wide range of uses, as well as bone marrow derived stem cells at reasonable rates. Contact us to learn more.
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